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Wedding Officiant Services

La Esposita Bonita   Officiated

Having a ceremony that reflects the love for your significant other delivered in the proper way to your guests and family, can be the direct result of a wonderful wedding vs. a decent one. Here at La Esposita Bonita a personalized ceremony that speaks of your love, will be delivered by a professional speaker and wedding officiant. We stand behind our policy in that you are welcome to bring the officiant/vendors of your choice but, keep in mind that having an amateur performance take over this once in a lifetime moment might be setting up the tone for everything that follows on your special day. As in most of life, quality may cost a little more. We offer an experienced, professional officiant that honor your wedding day with the upmost respect and best of all, any travel expenses (gas miles) to venue will be waved!




Our officiant can perform civil ceremonies, intimate ceremonies and elopments. Ceremonies can be custom to your likes and needs from upbeat tones that reflects your cheerful energy to a more traditional religious tones that enphasizes your believes. We don't discriminate against your believes, traditions, cultural backgrounds or sexual orientation, we do believe that anything, everything and anyone in this world is worth it of love. We believe in equality and freedom.


Officiant Services Include


Phone and email support, 2-3 meetings as needed, personalize ceremony that capture your love, dressed according to your wishes (professional or business casual, or other to suit your needs**), professional delivery of your ceremony, file the marriage license with proper court, postage and travel to ceremony location.           **Fees may apply for costumed wardrobe



Newlywed Packet contains:  custom keepsake marriage certificate, personalized ceremony printed on linen paper, original marriage license, name change information and forms.


Just the Ceremony Includes your wedding officiant services and newlywed packet as described above as well as travel for the officiant.


Up to 6 guests: $150   Up to 50 guests: $200    50-100 guests: $275   Over 100 guests: $325


If you want the officiant at the rehearsal it is an additional $75,  for off-site, please call.


Travel expenses (gas miles) to venue at La Esposita Bonita Estate $0


**Military/Veteran Discount:Active duty military receives a 10% discount. Fellow veterans,and other public servants receive 5% discount. Please bring proper ID at time of booking.


Marriage Licenses at the Town of Sheldon
"Marriage licenses require the presence of the bride and groom.  Original birth certificates (with seal) as well as a drivers license or passport are required for identification purposes.  Divorce applicants must bring dated divorce papers.  The cost is $40, made payable to the Sheldon Town Clerk.  A marriage ceremony cannot occur until 24 hours after license issuance and the license is valid for up to 60 days".  

                                                                                                           2018 - Town of Sheldon's Website

You can also obtain your marriage license from any city or town clerk within the State of New York, each county might requires different identification and charge different amounts. You will want to check with the county court you are trying to apply at.


Sheldon Town Hall is located at 1380 Centerline Rd, Strykersville, NY 14145 their number  (585) 535-7644, 

"Town Clerk Office Hours: The Town Clerk's Office is open: 
Wednesday 11am-7pm, Friday 9am-3pm, Saturday 9am-12pm
The Town Clerk is often in the office on other days, please call the town hall phone at 585-535-7644 to confirm availability on days other than listed above.  Appointments are available." 
                                                                                                             - Town of Sheldon's Website


Legalizing your Marriage and Name Change


You are here because you are getting married in NY State. The PDF file below will provide you with everything you need to begin the process.







Your first stop should be getting your marriage license, for a sample of one click here.

For information on recently enacted marriage equality act, click here



You can choose to change your last name when you marry by putting the new name on the marriage license application. You can’t change your first or middle name by marriage. The new last name is officially your name when the marriage ceremony is completed. Your marriage certificate is proof of your new name and can be used to change your name on other identification papers such as your driver’s license. 

You can change your last name to any of the following:

  1. your spouse’s last name;

  2. any former name of either spouse;

  3. a new name combining into a single name all or a part of either spouses’ present or former last names;

  4. a hyphenated name consisting of any combination or either spouses’ last name or former last names.


Cited directly from NY courts



La Esposita Bonita Wedding Ceremony


When it comes down to your special day, you will come to understand that the ceremony is the heart and soul of your Wedding and will hold probably the most personal memories of the entire day.

Not sure what type of ceremony do you want? Not a problem, please visit LEBE wedding ceremonies to see the various types that we offer!











**Please note that ​La Esposita Bonita Club is a private social club. All events must be approve by the club and require liquor and liability insurance.  All patrons invited to the club, must comply with the club's policies. All proceeds directly benefit the club.

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