Celebrating During the 2020 Pandemic at La Esposita Bonita Estate

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hi there, I hope to find you and yours safe and well! My name is Dania and is not typical that you would find me on this side of a blog, but I do enjoy reading them and find them useful, hence one of the reason I have decided to write one on the amidst of this tragic health crisis affecting ALL OF US. You might have getting to know me as the venue manager here at La Esposita Bonita or as the event and wedding planner specializing in outdoor and woodland weddings and today is my intent to provide you with some information and tools to help you navigate trough the planning and execution of your wedding during the pandemic.

There is no denying that our lives have come to a halt affecting Everyone due to the Covid-19 crisis. These are both hard and sad times that we will want to remember not because of how bad they strike us but because of how we manage to survive it together as a community that deeply care for one another.