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Buffalo Barn Wedding Venue

​This amazing and peaceful 75 acres estate, nestled among the beautiful rolling hills of Wyoming County, NY originated from the love of a man for his wife. He named the Estate “La Esposita Bonita”, translated from Spanish means "The Beautiful Wife".  As a newlywed, he transitioned from his busy life as an executive in Washington DC. and moved back to his home town in Western New York to care for his ill Mother. His Wife’s home country is the picturesque country of Colombia, South America. Knowing in his heart that it would take more than hot coffee to warm his wife to the tough winters of Western New York he built her a home that he was certain would warm her heart.

After numerous request from club members to open “La Esposita Bonita” to those wanting to celebrate their love, they are pleased to announce that you too can celebrate as they have. Come join the club and enjoy the fruit of their love and celebrate with those who vow to love each other as they do.

La Esposita Bonita

The Estate

Buffalo Barn Wedding Venue

The Club

​La Esposita Bonita originated in 2000 as an elite Club in Colombia S.A. empowering women and entrepreneurs to a sucessful lifestyle while giving back to the community. With its founders relocating to the beautiful WNY, a deeply appreciation for nature came to be and, that appreciation was incorporated into the club's philosophy. In 2004 the club had begun its meetings at the La Esposita Bonita Estate in Varysburg, NY. Today this private club has a diverse involvement and its members come together as a supporting network of friends sharing life experiences and promoting activities to keep the club alive.

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